Anne Innis Dagg resolved to know the whole lot concerning the world’s tallest creature


When the weird creature first appeared in Florence, in 1487 on the court docket of the Medici, it induced a sensation. Bending down its lengthy, lengthy neck, it took meals from kids, and was fed with fruit by noblewomen from second-storey home windows. In 1827, in Paris, a feminine giraffe offered to Charles X stirred an outbreak of giraffe-mania, with high-piled hairstyles, giraffe-spotted wallpaper and years on, some say, the design of the Eiffel Tower.

What occurred to Anne Innis Dagg, when she was two and visiting the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, was simply as momentous in its method. Being very small, and the giraffes very tall, she was naturally amazed. However when one thing all of a sudden frightened them, they usually galloped with a flurry of necks and legs throughout their enclosure, that was stunning.


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