Florence Howe (1929 – 2020), women’s studies pioneer

Florence Howe was a pioneer of women’s studies who was the founder of the Feminist Press.  

  • Died: Saturday, September 12. (Who else died on September 12?) 
  • Details of Death: Died at the age of 91 from Parkinson’s disease.  
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Women’s studies pioneer  

When Howe began teaching at various colleges such as Hofstra, there was no such thing as women’s studies. In 1970, Howe and her then husband Paul Lauter began the Feminist Press, holding the first meetings in their home. They moved to the New York City area shorty after. The Feminist Press is a literary non-profit dedicated to promoting social justice and promoting writers with an activist spirit. They have published works by Zora Neale Hurston and Alice Walker. The Feminist Press would lead to women’s studies being taught in universities.  

Howe on the importance of women’s studies  

“A decade ago, it had no name.” “A few academics around the country labeled a segment of their freshman composition courses ‘growing up female’ or taught part of a sociology course on ‘gender.’” “But now,” she continued, “in the wake of the women’s rights movement, women’s studies has taken its place in the curriculum and seems to be thriving.” – 1976 New York Times 

What they said about her

Full Obituary: New York Times

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